awknet routing problem

Pagi ini dapat email dari salah satu provider server kami:

Dear Awknet Customer,

Last night our new fancy upgraded core in our newest datacenter experienced a very unexpected hardware failure.

Initially technicians thought we may be dealing with a case of damaged fiber between buildings, as the network was experiencing intermittent lag and packet loss despite no DDoS events. Some IP ranges were fine while others were almost completely inaccessible. As techs cycled through the fiber pairs it became clear that this was not the case.

Additional staff were paged to try and diagnose the problem – after trying literally everything under the sun we began the process of migrating core switching back to the 800 s hope datacenter to try and resolve the packet loss some customers were still experiencing. All traffic is now switching out of the old core as we go over the problem with Cisco Techs. At this time it appears a Distributed Forwarding module for the 10GE blade connecting the new core to the old datacenter is the culprit.

We appologize for any issues this may have caused you or your customers, but we do not expect any more network outages while techs replace the faulty device. If we encounter a similar problem in the future techs know to force the other DCs into direct routing mode rather than experiencing lag.

Masalah ini membuat salah satu server shell hosting kami mengalami masalah koneksi juga. Kami berharap isu ini bisa segera diperbaiki.

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2 Responses to awknet routing problem

  1. rezal says:

    mas kalpin saya minta tolong bukain ip saya mas,,yg kena banedd..saya gk melakukan ap2 kok saya di baned

  2. rezal says:

    mas ini ip saya tlong ya ms kalpin bukain ip saya đŸ™‚ sya harap mas kalpin bisa bantu saya..

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